In the News

In the News

Check out the news coverage on the Working Cats® Program!

Video Media:

“When I see the cats here – they are calming to me” – Capt. Nordquist, LAPD – October 2019

“Why Do You Use Working Cats®

“Working Cats® Full Presentation”
featuring NBC 4 News

“Working Cats® at LAPD”
KTLA 5 News
January 2, 2008

“Working Cats® at South LAPD Division”
featuring NBC 4 News

Print Media:

KTLA Channel 5 News
“Cats Recruited to Solve Rodent Problem at LAPD Barn”
February 10, 2014

Skylos Kai Gata
“101 Mousers”
Translation of the above article by Kathryn Price
October 2013

Cat Fancy
“Will Work For Food”

July 2010

Venues Today
“Rat Patrol”
January 2008

The Sacramento Bee
“Claw Enforcement”
January 11, 2008

Daily News
“Feral Cats Put to Work”
August 2004

Los Angeles Times
“Rat Patrol”
August 2002