Benefits of the Program

Benefits of the Program

The program of rodent control that we offer, Working Cats®,  is a program that benefits both humans and animals in many ways:

  • Unsocialized cats are saved from euthanasia at a shelter, and placed in a permanent home where they will be taken care of for the rest of their lives.
  • The rats are repelled in a humane way. They leave the area because of the odor of the cats; therefore,  there is no killing involved.
  • No poisons and pesticides are used in the process.


Rodenticides, which are pesticides used to kill rodents, pose an unhealthy threat to humans working in the surrounding area:

  • Toxic to any mammal when consumed
  • Can be toxic if inhaled from the air or when they come into contact with the skin
  • Also pose a risk to any other mammal who may wander into the area, such as a cat or dog.

For more information on Rodenticides and the types that are used click here.

The Working Cats® Program provides a safe alternative to rodent infestations, and saves cats in the process!