Working Cats® History


Melya founded the Working Cats® Program in Los Angeles as a humane, green alternative to conventional exterminating methods. Cats were introduced to the Downtown Los Angeles Flower Mart to clear out a rodent infestation and although shop owners were skeptical at first, they were quickly swayed. The cats’ natural scent scared off the rodents and this became the first of many successes for the Working Cats® Program


When the Los Angeles Police Department found themselves overrun with a rodent population they quickly found that glue traps weren’t going to solve the issue. Once the Working Cats were introduced to their new home officers watched them get to work and in a few short days the rodents were gone

Los Angeles Police Department Testimonial

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Working Cats in the News
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In April 2008, the Working Cats Program saw the installation of 9 cats at the Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine in the Pacific Palisades

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Working Cats in the News
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In 2019, the Working Cats Program was proposed as a solution for Los Angeles City Hall’s rat and flea infestation
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