Extermination Facts

Rat extermination is not friendly to the environment or to humans.  Listed below are some facts about extermination products:

  • images1Lethal to all small mammals
  • Can cause poisoning in anyone who accidentally consumes it
  • Pets may accidentally eat rodents that are killed by poison, which would cause illness and sometimes death
  • Toxic if inhaled or touched
  • Exposure to products can cause skin and eye irritation


  • Process ranges from $300-500 and requires the house to be completely  sealed
  • It is ineffective and inhumane to the rats. It gives them a slow death
  • Rats might not find poison
  • Rats might build resistance against poison


  • 1.4 million feral cats are killed per year in the US
  • Ferals live on the streets, but rely on humans for food and water